heavier than heaven ☯ ✙ ♡ ☥

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I’m walking away now,

I will survive, but I don’t know how.

Please, don’t forget me, don’t forget us.

It was special, even though I didn’t know what it was.

Don’t forget the nights we looked at those stars,

finding ourselves in the blurry October night.

You kissing me hard, looking in my eyes,

saying “I didn’t know you were harmed.”

Remember when we said we won’t hurt each other?

Well, darling, it was lies.

Do you still remember?

Us being reckless, never planned to fall in love.

But love caught us both too soon.

We enjoyed it, not knowing it could disappear any time.

Love comes quick, but ends quicker.

I cried, I admit, thought it would be better.

Now I’m ready to move on.

Darling, I won’t ever forget us,

ridiculous was never what it was.

But there is one thing I beg you, now that I’m free.

Don’t you ever forget about me.